Brand Design Strategy 


Brand design through creative strategy to give a strong personality and unique identity to your business.


Design of a complete visual concept throughout the elements that identify your business to give it a personality.

Brand Narrative

Storytelling. Creation of a brand specific language: name, slogan, tagline, keywords and tone. Bring his speech to life.

Visual communication

Art direction for brand content related to communication actions across multiple platforms and supports (paper, digital, printing, social networks, motion ghraphics).


Brand image management. A workshop aimed to guide entrepreneurs to manage the visual identity of their projects and to be consistent in their speech.

Ludovico Rojas Art Director

Ludovico R.

Art director specializing in brand design and visual communication.
Hola ! I love telling stories through the use of visual mediaI have a creative instinct and a strong visual culture to keep me informed and stimulated. Surely at this moment I'm producing new ideas while listening to music. 
I help you to build a unique visual identity for your business, service or product and  to develop your branding through a content strategy by designing valuable communication materials.
I have 6 years of professional experience working at advertising and public relations agencies. As a result of this collaboration, I learned to manage the brand communication with a strategic vision to build a unique identity with bold personality and produce brand content to give life to its speech. 

Featured WORK 

A logo is not enough, your brand needs a personality!

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So, are you a brave entrepreneur? or maybe you run a business or you are an agency looking for a freelance collaboration?

Creative Process

Concept development from the initial 
or intervention on an existing brand to update it.

1. Brief 

First, I listen to you!
I want to know your passions and understand your Business goals and needs.

2. Analysis

Market and user research to understand the environment of your business activity and your audience behavior.

3. Strategy

Brand concept, creation and defines its personality, future visual directions.

4. Design 

Graphics and visual elements according to the strategy: logo design, applications on different supports, stationery, development of a brand book.

5. Communication

Development of a visual communication plan using the most suitable supports, to make your brand visible.

6. Integration

Guide for the integration and use of your brand identity in your communication media in order to be consistent with its personality.


Let's start creating your brand personality!


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